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Sculpting Flow

Discover a new realm of yoga with our Sculpting Flow class, a dynamic fusion of strength-building, cardiovascular conditioning, and the serenity of yoga flow. This invigorating experience will reshape your body and soul, leaving you feeling empowered, centered, and deeply relaxed. Sculpt your physique and enhance your strength using a combination of weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardio intervals. This class is designed to build lean muscle, boost metabolism, and enhance endurance. Immerse yourself in the graceful flow of yoga as you transition seamlessly between poses, synchronizing your movement with your breath. Experience the fluidity of traditional yoga with added challenges to test your balance and flexibility. Our studio is heated to intensify your workout, increase circulation, and enhance detoxification. Feel the warmth of your body as you work through challenging sequences, promoting suppleness in your muscles. As your body heats up and your muscles engage, transition into soothing yin postures towards the end of the class. These long-held poses will melt away tension, increase flexibility, and restore your sense of balance. Conclude your session with a peaceful and meditative savasana, allowing your body and mind to unwind completely. This moment of tranquility is the perfect counterbalance to the invigorating workout you’ve just experienced.85-90 degrees.