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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


Hart Flow
Our signature class style Flow is designed for all yogis and anyone who enjoys their fitness. Experience the energetic beats, the freedom to flow on your own and the deep message of encouragement from your teacher allowing you to open your heart & feel liberated one breath at a time. Be inspired to move through dynamic sequences created with the blend of free flow, steady static postures and yin. Giving students many opportunities to improve their strength, flexibility, body coordination/balance, and mental awareness. There are also moments to release, meditate and let go -sealed with savasana.

Created with the same intentions as our signature style of flow with more opportunities to free flow on your own with more postures and transitions. It creates a moving meditation from the union of breath and posture.

Slow Flow
This fully guided practice combines traditional yoga postures, dynamic transitions, and breath work to energize the muscles, build strength, increase flexibility, and help manage stress. Slow down just to feel more and experience the intense fire within. This is the perfect space to deepen your practice, work through injury, take an active recovery, or return to your practice. All levels are welcome.

Deep Stretch
A pure deep stretch while you breathe in various yoga seated postures with the intention to stretch, relax and extend the myofascial and muscle fibers while holding the posture for long periods of time. Many benefits including the effects of relaxation, turning inward to quiet the mind and breathing through any discomfort. All Levels

Vinyasa/Yin Fusion
Vinyasa/Yin Fusion is a blend of Vinyasa and Yin practice for the ultimate way to create movement and stillness. Experience the vinyasa for the first portion of the class and end in yin postures for the last 25mins of class all to give you complete rest in savasana.

Sound Healing Meditation
Lay back, relax, and allow the sounds of chimes, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and rain sticks to wash over you in this beautiful sound meditation. The powerful force of sound stir the senses, helping you move beyond the physical practice and tune into the deepest whispers of the soul. The bowls work to project sound into our being, restoring us back into healthy harmonic patterns. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the body absorbs the sound and is realigned. During this session, the entire body and mind will enter into a more relaxed and peaceful state of being. Come feel what it is like to have every cell of the body respond to the enchanting tones that are produced around you and feel your stress melting away. Offered the second Friday of every month.