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Virtual Yoga – Zoom Online

Virtual Yoga – Zoom Online

Using Zoom Online

Virtual Yoga @ Hart Studios

Hart is using the combination of MIND BODY ONLINE & ZOOM for virtual yoga classes. Schedule is available on MIND BODY ONLINE Hart Yoga

Step 1. Create an account on Mind Body Online if you don’t already have one or use your current account for virtual classes. Link your account to Hart Yoga.

Unfamiliar with Zoom Online? It is a friendly online platform for group gatherings.

To participate in a live virtual class:
Step 1. Go to zoom.us or download the zoom app onto your device (phone, tablet, or computer)

Step 2. Register for your class through MINDBODY online, just as you would normally book a class

Step 3. Check your email 15 minutes before the class and click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” link. If you sign up later then requested, we will manually send the link.

Step 4. Enter the meeting ID (10 digit number) at the end of the link.

Step 5. Check that your sound is muted, but feel free to keep your camera on.

Step 6. Enjoy your class.

Use your current membership / package or purchase Virtual ZOOM Classes.