Class Descriptions


Our signature class style Flow is designed for all yogis and anyone who enjoys their fitness. Experience the energetic beats, the freedom to flow on your own and the deep message of encouragement from your teacher allowing you to open your heart & feel liberated one breath at a time. Be inspired to move through dynamic sequences created with the blend of free flow, steady static postures and yin. Giving students many opportunities to improve their strength, flexibility, body coordination/balance, and mental awareness. There are also moments to release, meditate and let go -sealed with savasana.

Light Hart Flow **** PERFECT FOR THE BEGINNERS ****
This class applies the basic postures and lots of time for transitions to create a calming and open feeling in your mind, body and heart. This practice is fully guided with effort and ease to energize the body and find balance & harmony. This class is great for beginners or any students who is refreshing their alignment.

Trifecta – Sculpt/Cardio/Pilates
“Trifecta – 75 minute heart-pumping challenge. Totally supported and always encouraged. Experience sculpting with weights intermixed with cardio bursts, dynamic flowing and core strengthening pilates, all to a rockin song list. Expect to sweat and feel completely empowered!!!”

Vinyasa Flow
Created with the same intentions as our signature style of flow with more opportunities to free flow on your own with more postures and transitions. It creates a moving meditation from the union of breath and posture.

Yoga Bliss
Join Erica at The Hart for a deeply restorative experience, and explore your own natural ability to find rest and balance when you need it. Class will begin with gentle postures that open space in the mind, body & heart. Once the body is calm and the mind & heart is receptive, you will be prepared for a guided meditation based in the ancient practice of yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”. This meditation, in which the body and mind relax consciously between waking and sleeping, is designed to improve nervous system health and over all wellness.

Yoga Fusion
This class is built for all yogis and fitness fanatics alike to increase your balance, strength & flexibility. You’ll experience challenging cardio, HIIT moves and yoga to find your inner strength and inner peace!

Yoga Sculpt
Yoga Sculpt is a blend of vinyasa yoga, strength training with or without weights and some elements of cardio. The simplicity of yoga and weights becomes more challenging when brought together to create a very dynamic duo of upper and lower body training. Weights are optional and are available in 2lb. 3lb, 5lb.

Zen/Yin Yoga
Yin is the experience is nothing like any other- pure deep stretch while you breathe in various yoga seated posture with the intention to stretch, relax and extend the myofascial and muscle fibers while holding the posture for long periods of time. Many benefits including the effects of relaxation, turning inward to quiet the mind and breathing through any discomfort. All Levels